Are grand trade pacts doomed, or merely mistimed?

By delaying its judgement on the TPP, the new Liberal government could avoid unnecessary criticism and drama at home.

What does China want in a free trade deal?

It's unclear where China's requests end and its demands begin.

China wants equal treatment for state-owned firms: Top official

Canada maintained restrictions in TPP, CETA on acquisitions by state-owned enterprises.

Canada set to enter talks to expand EFTA trade deal, say envoys

Deal covers non-EU members Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

More than a year later, Canada-China ‘track two’ talks yet to begin

Trade dialogue, promised after Harper visit in November 2014, has yet to materialize.

New Zealand’s TPP point man heads home

High commissioner was busy with trade and real estate.

Don't bankroll the next foreign mine disaster

A Brazilian mine spill shows how Canadian agencies risk getting tangled up in abuses.

Lessons to learn from Taiwan’s diplomacy

As the new Canadian government seeks to show that Canada is back, it should consider how proactive adherence to international norms can offer reputational advantage.

This year's highs and lows

Refugees, TPP, C-51, climate change, John Baird, the Victims of Communism Memorial, the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

TPP could cut off new restrictions to foreign investment, say trade lawyers

But government seen to retain ability to block trade over national security concerns.

China wouldn’t push market status in trade talks, says embassy

Market status for China could affect steel, solar manufacturers.

Foreign ministry name change topped $121,000, docs suggest

Two years later, it gives a hint of what this fall’s change could cost.

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