A GST hike can’t come too soon

The Trudeau government has a mandate to fulfill, and it deserves to be adequately financed.

Intellectual property biggest issue for Canada in TPP, says Doer

'Canadian fingerprints' seen to be all over copyright protection provisions—but Canada also accused of being 'unambitious' on the file.

Trudeau's three paths to finishing Canada's EU trade deal

Canada could “tweak” investor-arbitration clauses, but that compromise may not go far enough, says Canada Europe Round Table chief.

TPP outsiders eager to join trade deal: Canada’s top negotiator

Canada should break down walls to trade, says Beatty.

With TPP, perfect must not be the enemy of the good

The TPP is an innovative agreement, but the domestic implications must be assessed and understood.

Parliament preview: Committees

The new government has promised cabinet and House of Commons committees will be more influential and more involved in decision-making. Here's a look at what we know about those committees so far.

Parliament preview: Foreign envoys to watch

Meet the representatives of countries most talked about on the Hill.

The guy at the nexus of Canada-Malaysia trade

Trade commissioner tasked with ensuring Malaysian exporters give Canadians what they want.

Fighting corruption, Ukraine set to become Canada's next trade partner

Deal could bring more Western business practices to Ukraine, but may also get firms into trouble.

Globally-minded MPs arrive en masse

Many have international connections, through work or family.

Cause for concern over TPP access to medicines

Don't sign on to another deal that would create stronger monopolies for drug companies while poor people pay the price.

A crisp, clean taste of Slovakia

If tasted blind next to similar Ontario varietals, I might have had trouble identifying them.

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