Canada, Japanese importers at odds over TPP side deal

Deal on forest products leaves Japanese importers expecting more.

Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Behind-the-scenes teams taking shape, though not all chiefs named.

Chinese ambassador watching for Trudeau's next move on trade deal

Luo calls restrictions on foreign state-owned enterprises in the oil sands a form of 'discrimination.'

Uruguay rep headed to UN to chair Security Council

After almost 40 years as a diplomat, ‘like the proverbial cherry on top of the cake.’

Senior Liberals shaped 2010 plan for energy strategy

Carr is being called a ‘key player,’ and was an author of the final report.

Making trade and development a priority for the Commonwealth

Canada and its Caribbean partners should jointly announce in Malta a new and more flexible mandate for their respective trade negotiators.

French envoy calls ISIS a cancer, says Paris attacks were assault on way of life

Chapuis channeled the sadness and anger triggered by the Paris violence into a passionate call to action ahead of COP21.

Forging a Canada-China trade deal: Lessons from Australia

China made significant concessions that favoured the Australian side.

G20 summit: Ready for a fresh agenda and style?

This is maybe the fourth year of discussions on tax evasion and perhaps the eighth year on new rules to control the mega-banks that led to the global crisis. On each, progress is glacial.

Public servants’ cheering, jeering at press conference crossed line, say observers

Some chalk it up to an understandable reaction to a new government.

Powering the growth of electricity systems worldwide

It is in our own commercial and social interest to use our expertise in the massive build-out of electric grids around the world, and further, to ensure that these new grids are based on the cleanest possible energy.

DFATD gets a new name: Global Affairs Canada

Name change comes two years after last one for the foreign ministry.

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