Full text of Trans-Pacific Partnership deal released

Civil society groups call for public consultation, independent analysis.

The new faces of Canadian foreign policy

Justin Trudeau unveiled a diverse cabinet Wednesday. Here's the new cohort of ministers who will have a hand in Canadian foreign policy.

No benefit to EU deal without regulatory change, says beef lobby

Canada and EU negotiating over technical barriers to meat exports.

Time is right for new mining bill

Canada can do better when it comes to Honduras and trade.

Trudeau 'needs to know what’s going on' in Honduras, says journalist

Documentary filmmaker asks new Liberal government to explore sanctions.

Japan-Canada trade talks on hold until TPP 'finalized'

A bilateral deal would likely address Japan's interest in natural gas from Canada's west coast.

Pipelines, reassuring business on lengthy to-do list for Canada’s next finance minister

Bring back mandatory long-form census, move on climate change, says Chamber CEO.

Meet the neighbours, part two: Canada and its new TPP partners

In this edition: US, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru, Singapore.

At first blush, TPP could be good for Canadian wine

Great to open trade, but vintners need support at home, says industry group head.

TPP won't improve labour standards without political will: Labour lawyers

When it comes to workers' rights, 'there’s what’s written down, and there’s what’s practical' says one analyst.

Time to clearly show the Canadian value in TPP

Higher animal protection standards, less use of antibiotics and hormones or enhancing biodiversity are possibilities for differentiation from imports and would result in higher producer prices.

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